About Us


We are Africa’s emerging leading and construction giants, with a tradition of passion for excellence and commitment to delivering unequivocal value to building and construction projects.

Our success story which spans over a decade is due to our employees’ dedication to excellent work, customer service that far exceeds expectation, and a safety program that has led to millions of zero-accident hours of work.

At Buildworth, we operate team concept and our skilled, experienced and dedicated staff and field team members have embraced our most treasured value of excellence that cannot be matched in the Nigerian Construction Industry. We provide professional client-focused construction solutions, it is our belief that the building process begins most especially with preconstruction services that will afford client the advantages of contractor’s experience and point of view. Hence, we provide estimating, scheduling, value engineering and prudent use of resources and the earliest use of technology.

Buildworth engages hands-on proactive approach to all projects regardless the size. Our personal attention to proven team approach will ensure the successful completion of any projects


To become the Number 1 building and construction outfit in Africa through the promotion of her creativity to the rest of the world.


To provide timely solution to building and construction projects through adequate use of skills, expertise, technology and innovation thereby delivering world-class services to our clients.


At Buildworth, our Value is to infuse our tradition of excellence into every filament of our projects and maintain a leading role in the construction industry. Our value is driven through the line of strict adherence to our keyword ‘’LEAD’’